Small Business VoIP Service Advice and Guide for 2017

Low prices and extensive feature sets have been the driving forces behind the fast growth and adoption of business VoIP service. There are many other benefits to using the service and there are also many providers that will try to convince you that they offer the best product, at the lowest price, with the best support.

3 Steps to Selecting the Best Small Business VoIP Provider

Follow these 3 easy steps towards paying up to 80% LESS on your company phone bills.

  1. Learn more about small business VoIP service and the benefits. See our VoIP versus traditional phone comparison.
  2. Research the available solutions and read provider user reviews.
  3. Slammed at work? Save time and get FREE, no obligation, quotes to compare by completing the simple form opposite.
Compare Top Providers Pricing and Reviews
Provider* Highlights FREE Setup Minutes** Reviews Details
  • Our Most Popular Provider
  • Over 84,000 Businesses Trust Vonage
  • 36% Savings and No Annual Contract
  • In-house Customer and Tech Support
  • NEW! Amazon Chime Incl, no Extra Cost
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  • Cloud Communications Leader
  • Includes 100+ Premium Features
  • Unlimited Calls/Fax/SMS/Conferencing
  • Trusted by 350,000+ Businesses
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  • Powerful Communication Features
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  • Free Phones
  • Risk Free 30 Day Trial
  • Reliable, Secure, Peace of Mind
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  • Gartner Cool Vendor. 50+ Features
  • 99% Customer Satisfaction Rating
  • Requires 5 Users Minimum
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  • Amazing service
  • A top rated provider
  • #1 in customer satisfaction
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  • Includes Phones on Select Plans
  • Outstanding Reliability
  • Incredible Features
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  • Centralize/Unify Your Locations
  • No Investment for Phones/Equipment
  • Call. Chat. Video. Presence. Collaborate.
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** Most providers include an upper limit on minutes for their unlimited plans as part of a reasonable usage policy in their T&Cs.

Step 1: Learn More About Business VoIP Service and it's Benefits

Use this quick glance overview guide showing the benefits of this type of service versus a traditional phone service solution:

VoIP Phone Service Traditional Phone Service
No setup fees and no installation fees Expensive equipment and installation
Self manage using a secure online portal Service person required to manage
Simultaneous calls and 1 LAN connection Circuit switched technology, 1 call per line
Vast features and tech integration Limited features & integration
Great portability and flexibility No portability and limited flexibility
HD digital voice quality Standard telephone quality (analog)

For more detailed information read the in-depth guide below. Also, check out our infographic on selecting the right business phone solution to see how this service stacks up against other solutions.

Another great source of information is the annual Gartner Magic Quadrant report on unified communications. While you typically need to pay to get access to this report, if you do some digging you will likely find that some of the companies mentioned in it all too happy to share the report for free.

Step 2: Research Solutions and Reputable Service Providers

Some reasons why you need to do some research when selecting a solution and provider for your companies phone service:

  • There are many companies that provide phone services to corporate clients in today's market. You want to make sure you select a reputable provider that will last over time and avoid fly-by-night providers.
  • Different solutions may need to be considered based on your company size (e.g. number of employees using the phone system).
  • Different solutions may need to be considered based on your existing equipment set-up (e.g. on-premise PBX, in-house IT group etc.).
  • Some service providers can be more focused on a certain size of company (e.g. their service is optimized for a certain employee size range).

Finding the Right Phone Solution

Use the following list to help navigate to the most appropriate voice solution based on your company size and needs:

  • If you are a Small Office / Home Office (SOHO) and are looking for 1 or 2 lines max then consider the SOHO VoIP solution.
  • If you are a small to medium sized company (3-100 employees), or a SOHO looking to expand then consider the Hosted PBX solution (sometimes referred to as Virtual PBX).
  • All company sizes (typically larger though) may be interested in the on-premise IP PBX phone system solution if an on-premise (PBX) solution already exists.
  • If you are looking for SIP trunking services, or want to know more about what SIP trunking is, then consider the SIP Provider solutions.
  • We can help with the equipment side also. It is most likely that you will need to purchase new phones and these can be expensive. Check out our comparison charts in our IP phone section before making any purchase and ensure you are getting a good deal. In addition, refer to the Hardware section for more information on phone choices and other hardware accessories like headsets.
  • Looking for origination or termination of wholesale minutes. Refer to the wholesale solutions section for more information and provider choices.

Research Providers

Use our comparison table above to research providers, including price, customer reviews and plan highlights. We have more than 1,200 user submitted reviews for business VoIP service providers.

Step 3: Get FREE Business VoIP Phone Service Pricing Quotes to Compare

The bottom line is that switching to this service will save your company money...period. The amount of savings will depend on your current phone system set-up, your current service providers charges and which service provider you switch too. No matter the size of your company, whether a sole proprietor or a 100+ employees, getting multiple pricing quotes for comparison is a must. Here are some reasons why you should get multiple quotes:

  • Pay up to 80% LESS on your phone bills compared to traditional phone services. See the savings for yourself.
  • Getting comparison quotes encourages providers to compete harder, which means you get their lowest prices (they know they are competing with others).
  • Save time by getting immediate service from pre-qualified providers with just a single form submission.
  • Avoid fly-by-night providers. We partner with industry leading and established service providers only.
  • Get matched to providers that best service your company size (some providers service niche markets).
  • Getting quotes is completely FREE to you with absolutely no obligation. Just complete one simple form to get started.

For more information read this article on why getting free pricing quotes is a critical step in the buying process.

Get FREE business VoIP pricing in minutes!

Reduce your phone bill by up to 60%:

The In-Depth Guide to Selecting the Best Service

A Quick Review

Voice over IP as a technology and service has improved in leaps and bounds in the last 10 years. Sound quality, reliability and customer service have been prime factors that have been focused on by the industry in large. Combine that with the growth of high speed Internet availability it quickly becomes clear why Voice over IP has been embraced by corporations worldwide (according to Infonetics), with an average annual growth rate of 30%. The only requirement to use this service for your company is a Broadband connection because it sends your voice as "data packets" across the Internet instead of a regular phone line. You can continue to use your existing phones (with the addition of an adapter) or you can invest in IP phones that directly plug into your Internet connection.

The Key Benefits

The decision to switch to a Voice over IP solution is not a difficult one to justify due to the many benefits and advantages that this technology and service can bring to an organization. In saying that, there is always some cost involved in switching to a new technology, and where there is an expense, it is likely that a nice proposal or presentation will be required to senior management to explain why Voice over IP is worth it. If you are trying to justify making this change in you organization, or need some convincing yourself, please review this list of benefits of a business internet phone service:

  • Replace that old circuit switched PBX. This is the monster piece of equipment that lurks in your telecom closet. You no longer need it so you can eliminate any cost that is currently associated with it.
  • Start using your local area network (LAN) to route calls both internally and externally over the internet. This is possible because voice over IP is a digital packet switched technology so the voice traffic can be encapsulated in digital packets. This will make a huge difference in your monthly telecom costs as you are no longer using the public switched telephone network for your external calling
  • Make low cost or free national or international inter-office calls. Use the company WAN (Wide Area Network) for your calls. Simply dial an access number for a particular site and then dial the local number. Your call no longer has premium calling charges associated with it and can quite often be FREE.
  • Improve productivity by accessing the vast array of features that are enabled by Voice over IP and IP based phones. Some examples are easy conference calling and virtual office functionality. The virtual office functionality alone should increase productivity as it allows flexibility in the location where an employee can work.
  • Motivate existing telecom personnel by training them in this new technology and expanding their skill set into networking.
  • Easy and quick adds, moves and changes for employees.

Why use WhichVoIP?

Since 2005, we have helped educate millions of users about VoIP technology and helped thousands of companies save well up to 80% on their phone bills by switching to a small business VoIP solution.

Over the years we have forged partnerships with many of the industry leading service providers in the Voice over IP industry. This enables us to provide you prompt and FREE, no obligation, comparison quotes for all of your phone service needs. Fill in one simple form to get free pricing quotes, it takes only 1 minute to complete the form. (Your Privacy is very important to us and we will only use your details to facilitate the quoting process.)

If you are a provider, check out our advertising options.

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