TeleMate.Net Joins VoIP Monitoring Competition

Today, it’s not enough that we have data networks for communications that vastly improve the overall capabilities of traditional telecom systems. It’s a fact that the offerings of VoIP services provide an unprecedented level of service that cannot be met by a landline. We have become dependent on the ability to utilize tools that host conferencing and telepresence applications. It’s no secret — and fairly obvious at this point — that it’s a great benefit to be able to communicate in the business realm from the comfort of the office rather than spending loads of cash to travel to remote locations for something as simple as a meeting. We have the technology to do it better, and we use it. However, the question should be begged: “Is it safe?”

VoIP isn’t the ‘transporter beam’ from Star Trek, to be sure. But it’s a great start. VoIP technology has opened new doors in terms of collecting valuable information to improve existing business processes. VoIP monitoring has become an important niche for these services, as the benefits are conducive to many business processes — from Quality Assurance all the way down the line to Customer Service and Network Security. Traditional Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM) services don’t adequately observe network traffic for VoIP. TeleMate.Net has introduced a service that meets these needs for VoIP monitoring (vSIEM) through TeleMate Unified Call Management (UCM.)

The ability to monitor VoIP transmissions is out there, however, it is typically an inherent property to a hosted service or through the platform of a company’s IP PBX platform. Data pertaining to network usage is usually available but the ability to look into fine details and analyze this usage is difficult should the service not offer such capabilities. TeleMate UCM integrates with existing networks and offers centralized management for monitoring processes. Ground level security offered by leading hardware providers in the industry needs to be supplemented to ensure that VoIP transmissions are not compromised — which is addressed through services offered by TeleMate.Net.

Through TeleMate UCM an organization can observe network usage and fine details in real-time — an essential component for modern-day security. Unwanted network traffic can not only slow down a business, but can compromise security. Ensuring that data is safe throughout transit will, in the long run, help in retaining clientele and achieving positive outcomes. (Safe to say that jeopardized information usually equates to trust issues – the leading cause of break-ups for every kind of relationship.) Verifying identity is an important piece in the puzzle, which TeleMate UCM executes in real time.

A check mark on a report for an unauthorized connection isn’t good enough today. There is a mild panic over identity theft in the world. Whether someone is in peril or not, the mindset that “something may happen” is enough to discourage many from attempting certain undertakings. Real-time monitoring is essential, and if your existing VoIP service doesn’t offer this ability, it’s time to find something that does. If your VoIP network lacks security, take a look at TeleMate.Net and see how you can benefit from better monitoring.

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