My First Time VoIPing!

So how was it for you?

This is a question I often get ……no, not from my good lady at home (we have 2 young kids 🙂 but from friends and family regarding VoIP or Broadband phone service as many people call it. They generally seem a little tentative about switching over to VoIP, probably fear of the unknown.

I want to use this opportunity to give you my opinion on VoIP service and share my VoIP experiences. Yes I am involved with the running of this website which promotes VoIP but we are truly unbiased when it comes to helping you choose a VoIP service provider. Check out our VoIP reviews, there are a number of bad ones!

My first step was to move to Comcast for Broadband over Cable rather than DSL so I could remove my local phone service …. and its extortionate line rental fees.

Once I had installed the broadband connection and was happy with the bandwidth I was getting I jumped into VoIP. Who did I choose? Well at the time Lingo was the only VoIP provider that gave unlimited international calling to Western Europe and since I have family members in the U.K, Lingo was an obvious choice. However, I was hesitant as I had read some bad reviews on Lingo but if you don’t try you’ll never know, right.

Received the VoIP box in the mail a few days after ordering and installed it as per the instructions. Made loads of calls within the U.S and to the U.K and the quality of the calls were very good, far better than cell-phone calls and almost on par with the regular land line. The only difference, a little louder background noise but only really noticeable to a trained ear.

Next step, asked my wife to phone the Lingo number from her cell-phone so we could test incoming calls. The call wouldn’t go through, OK here we go…..this is where it all comes crumbling down. The Lingo number wouldn’t even ring. Immediately phoned Lingo customer service and got through to a LIVE person very quickly. The gentleman spent the next 20 minutes making various calls to my Lingo number from his land-line, his cell-phone and from his VoIP line. All of them came through – the beauty of VoIP, call waiting feature for FREE! So what’s going on? Went to the car and got my work cell-phone. Tried calling our Lingo number, it WORKS! Much head-scratching at this point, what’s going on…..some investigation work that Sherlock Holmes would have been proud of and it turns out my good lady hadn’t filled her “pay-as-you-go” phone….AAAARRRGGHHHHH!!!! Yes my wife was very embarrassed.

Next step, port my number over and get rid off the local phone service provider. Took about 10 days and no more line rental fees.

Still going strong with Lingo for a few years now and still no complaints. Occasionally (very rarely) we hear a loud noise in the background for about a second during International calls but this is about once every 6 months and only seems to happen when my wife is on the phone (cynical I know)!

How was it for you? Excellent and you know what even pretty good for my wife on this occasion.


About the author  ⁄ Andy

Andy has been creating articles and blogs for WhichVoIP for many years. He has vast knowledge of the VoIP industry and as an Engineer he designed many products in the telecommunicators sector.

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