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Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply add VoIP services into applications that don’t have such inherent capabilities? Well, now you can – or rather someone with programming knowledge can integrate VoIP into their mobile application. A few companies currently offer this ability, but now Rebtel is joining the ranks by offering a free SDK which allows developers to integrate VoIP functions directly into their app.

For those unfamiliar with the service, Rebtel is one of the largest mobile VoIP providers in the world. The have been around since 2006 and are now servicing 17 million customers across the globe. Rebtel offers applications for every mobile smartphone platform as well as for Windows computers.

With the new SDK from Rebtel, developers can use the provided libraries to add VoIP calling features into their application. The coding itself is fairly simple as the kit handles signaling and codec processing without further delving into the API. A developer simply needs to register the app by emailing where further instructions are provided and ability to download the SDK is opened. After it’s downloaded, simply drag the library into your project’s directory to get started.

Android platforms are fairly straightforward – if you’re using Eclipse on the latest version of Android, copying the library into the project root directory will do the trick while IntelliJ requires the library to be designated as such by right-clicking and selecting Add as Library. Using iOS requires a couple more steps but it’s still straightforward: after moving the library to your project, you’ll need three iOS frameworks. You’ll either need to open the FrameWorks group in your project or go to the General Tab under Get Info after right clicking and add AVFoundation.framework, AudioToolbox.framework and Security.framework. A linker will be needed (-ObjC –lstdc++) and background modes will need to be added from Info.plist. After everything is added to the project, you’re all set.

Though Rebtel isn’t the first company to offer this capability, they certainly made it fairly simple for developers to take advantage of VoIP. Two companies, Twilio and Vax VoIP offer SDKs for VoIP integration but, both require a little more work compared to Rebtel. VaxVoice from Vax VoIP actually has a very intuitive design but it will require a compiler to be used in Xcode projects. Because of the straightforward nature of Rebtel’s library integration, it seems to be the best of the bunch as it also works with both iOS and Android.

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