Lingo Setup Issues

Just a quick note folks regarding Lingo setup, in particular for the Linksys SPA-2102.

I use Lingo for home phone service (have done for years) but recently had to get my VoIP box updated and received a new one in the mail free of charge from Lingo and this one was from Linksys (SPA2102).

The recommended setup in the users guide is as follows:

(Cable/DSL Modem) –> (VoIP Box) –> (Router if needed) –> (PCs)

as this allows the VoIP box to provide QoS (i.e. it can bandwidth limit the data from the router to ensure your voice is top priority when it comes to your broadband bandwidth).

However in the QUICK guide it shows the recommended setup as follows:

(Cable/DSL Modem) –> (Router) –>(VoIP ATA) –>and PCs hanging off router too if needed

This does NOT provide QoS so be careful if you are making calls at the same time as the internet is being used!!

One other note by the way (this took an hour or so to figure out so may save you some time)

The new Lingo VoIP box they are giving out is the Linksys SPA-2102. It is a VoIP ATA and router combo and is a decent piece of hardware.

HOWEVER, it lacks one thing that may be important for you folks that work from home. It does not allow VPN through the router! This is not ideal but there is a fix I stumbled across. Enable DMZ (derived from the term “De-militarized Zone”). This essentially disables the router function in the SPA2102. This is fine for me as I have a router connected to the SPA-2102 that DOES allow VPN pass-through. This works for me but may not be good for all situations so up to you


P.S Reason I needed new box if you are interested. For some reason my old VoIP box would not allow me to join conference calls, I could phone in but it would not accept the passcode to enter the meeting.

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