Flowroute Relocates from Cali to Seattle

The company Flowroute is a VoIP provider who established their privately owned business in Southern California but is now relocating. The decision to make the nearly 1200 mile move from Irvine, CA to Seattle, WA is for both business and personal reasons. Seattle has a few distinctive features which make it an ideal place for business, especially technology services, to flourish.

Seattle is thriving economically, and there are many unique features that are important to business in the area. For example, as of September 2012, Seattle is one of very few cities that make it mandatory to pay workers at least 5 sick days a year or more depending on the size of the business. Washington itself has some of the highest wages in the country when local inflation is taken into consideration. The first of the year brought a 15 cent jump from $9.04 to $9.19 for minimum wage.

The Seattle area hosts a great many tech companies. It is an environment which has drawn people of diverse backgrounds and has amassed a pool of talented people, which makes it ideal for businesses searching for skilled employees. Even though Flowroute’s former location was in a technology rich environment and had a stable business, the projection is to continue expansion.

The CEO of Flowroute, Bayan Towfiq, stated that in addition to the beneficial business environment gained from the relocation, the company had other reasons for moving as well. “Beyond business reasons, we all really like Seattle. The lifestyle is easy. It’s beautiful here. Hiking, biking and boarding, we’re into it all. Having that balance is very important to us as an organization and as individuals.”

Currently, Flowroute offers extremely inexpensive wholesale VoIP rates to their customers. Flowroute serves Fortune 500 companies through a model that allows the company to provide service to nearly any business in the world. The main page of their simple site breaks down pricing effectively. Their pricing is flexible as well, such as for companies who has specific DID requirements.

Update: We decided to kick the tires and see what all the fuss is about regarding Flowroute.

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