Cable VoIP v DSL VoIP

Should I get cable VoIP or DSL VoIP? As more and more people use the internet and start to understand the different ways in which they can get High Speed Internet this question seems to be asked more and more.

First let me state one thing, VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol as the acronym states, is just Voice over your internet connection. Whether that internet connection is your phone line, your cable, your satellite or some wireless network the likes of Clearwire are starting to introduce it really does not matter, well almost -it’s never that easy 🙂

The delay in Satellite communications can sometimes make a conversation difficult, you also need a guaranteed rate of about 90Kbps for a VoIP conversation over and above anything else you may be doing over the internet. I’m not saying it can’t be done but it’s not common.

New wireless networks are emerging that are threatening “the last mile”. Instead of your internet being over a piece of wire(Cable or phone line) it is now wireless to a base station and then a local office, similar to a cell phone. These technologies are still emerging and are only available in a few select areas.

Now we get to DSL and Cable – what medium should I use?

There is absolutely no difference between Cable and DSL in terms of what providers you can use, what plans you can have the features VoIP can give you or the installation in your home. The only real difference is the price you will pay. Here is a quick example of what I mean.

For DSL you need a phone line. For you to have that phone line it’s probably around $30 and this is before you pay for internet service. The actual DSL service is about $35 per month after any special deals have lapsed, so in reality you are paying somewhere in the region of $65 for your DSL. Cable tends to be around the $45 mark after the special deals have expired so you are $20 better off and that’s only for your internet.

Typical savings when switching to VoIP are around the $500 mark annually, when you take into consideration the potential saving by switching to cable you get close to $750 a year.

What do I use? Comcast Cable with a higher bandwidth than the Verizon DSL I previously used and Lingo for all my calls. With this I save about $60 a month. Being Scottish, friends say I am just cheap but I like to think I’m just smart 🙂



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