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Open Source IP PBX Options

If you are like the many people of the world who contemplate building an in-house phone system with an open source IP PBX, the decision of what to use is daunting. Fortunately, the software PBX menu is filled with several good choices, though some are more filling than others. Each ...

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Top 10 Cloud Services for Small Businesses

Cloud services are ideal for small businesses because they provide maintenance-free access to sophisticated technology and streamlined operations. If you’re looking to up your business’s technology game without creating a major IT headache, a cloud-based solution is likely your best option. Cloud (or hosted) services provide a variety of options ...

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Got VoIP? Is it Secure?

Telephone security has always been a concern, especially for companies and government agencies that routinely use telephone calls for exchanging sensitive information. On the corporate side, industrial espionage is very real and some of your competitors will stop at nothing to learn your trade secrets. Before the age of VoIP, ...

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The Right and the Ability to Spy

One of the more topical issues discussed by various media sources both on the internet and in print is that of privacy. We don’t live in glass houses because for one, actual glass isn’t safe. Of course, the other big reason is that it would completely strip us of our ...

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