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By day, Nick does many things – in addition to his work at WhichVoIP, he works in IT, freelances various content and designs websites. He likes to toy with various instruments and also enjoys old-school video games.

Evolution of Online Dating and VoIP

Every generation has some kind of childhood hallmark they reflect upon with a sense of nostalgia. For me, growing up in the 90s, it was a time of incredible technological advances. Reasonably sized cell phones invaded pockets and purses, Super Mario went 3D and the Internet slowly trickled into most ...

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Google Chrome and Third Party VoIP Apps

If you are like a large portion of the population, you love using Google Chrome as your choice browser. According to one independent study, Chrome accounts for more than half of all browser usage, more than tripling the next most popular application, Firefox. As Google has a huge command of ...

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Affects of Net Neutrality in India

Based on the title, you are probably wondering, what relevance net neutrality in India has to the VoIP market in North America. As the geographic location is so far displaced from this continent, the premise of the topic seems obscure. However, there is much more to the subject beneath the ...

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War on Net Neutrality

Here in North America, particularly the United States, battles wage on every level of society. Terrorists dish out threats while blowing things up all over the world on a daily basis, social issues like human rights are always a concern, potentially strange things are going into the food we eat ...

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New Tricks for sipXecs

Among our favorite things regarding work in the Internet telephony business is the hands-on fun with equipment. Falling in this spectrum of hands-on joy is building telephony solutions with freely available platforms in the market. Until recently, we have focused on Asterisk based systems such as 3CX for Windows, FreePBX ...

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