10 Questions for Soundcurve COO Lou Balsamo


Soundcurve is an up and coming business VoIP phone service provider, founded in 2010 and based in southern California. We contacted Soundcurve and spoke with Lou Balsamo to find out a little bit more about them.

Question #1

WhichVoIP: What is your title and what are your typical day to day roles at SOUNDCURVE?

Lou: I am the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and I oversee SoundCurve’s day to day operations. I work with each department within our organization to continuously improve our service and products. On any given day I will:

  • review customer feedback for new trends
  • monitor company-wide KPIs and brainstorm ways to improve
  • reach out directly to customers to hear their story and share ours
  • discuss both our customer’s and unsolved problems in the market with the head of engineering with the intent of developing innovative solutions
  • review financial forecasts and previous month/quarter results with our Financial team
  • work with our sales team to become personally involved in the sales process whenever possible

Question #2

WhichVoIP: What was the spark that started SOUNDCURVE?

Lou: SoundCurve’s two original founders decided to start the company because they knew they could create a customer experience that bucks the commodization and offshoring trends that are in full force in the hosted PBX industry. Soundcurve’s dream was to provide customers with a personalized, tailored experience to offload the learning curve and management overhead that is typically required when a company decides to switch from a premise-based solution or is creating a PBX solution for the very first time.

Question #3

WhichVoIP: What are the key areas that differentiate SOUNDCURVE from the competition and help make a strong case to convince prospective customers to use their services?

Lou: SoundCurve possesses many unique qualities that allow it to stand out. We are not a giant phone company with large customer service call centers. We are a medium sized company that specifically focuses on building a relationship with our customers. Our account managers strive to know their customer’s business needs, which allows us to build a solution that exceeds their expectations and leads to lower costs and improved efficiency. We provide a superior experience by focusing on adopting recent revolutions in cloud computing technology that have lowered the costs of operating many SaaS (Software as a Service) businesses. These savings are re-invested in our customers by way of an extremely high quality account management team.

Question #4

WhichVoIP: Who do you consider to be SOUNDCURVE’S main competitors?

Lou: Currently, we see companies such as Nextiva, 8X8, RingCentral, and Vonage Business Solutions as our main competitors. These are the companies we compete with on a daily basis.

Question #5

WhichVoIP: Are there specific types of businesses (industry wise or employee size) that SOUNDCURVE consider their “sweet spot”?

Lou: We service customers from 1 user all the way to 500 users. The majority of our customers are between 10 and 30 users. Our dedicated account management model fits really well with this size of customer. There are no specific industries that we cater to; rather we strive to learn our customer’s businesses and utilize our knowledge of hosted PBX to provide the best solution to meet their needs. We have built products and services versatile enough to satisfy just about any office configuration. That being said, we do see some common types of business across our customer base, including Doctor’s offices, real estate offices, law offices, tax offices and accountants.

Question #6

WhichVoIP: What common questions do customers ask Soundcurve?

Lou: The 2 most common questions and our typical answers are:

“What makes SoundCurve Different?” – We are not a giant phone company and hence do not have the negative issues associated with large phone companies. We don’t have long hold times or outsourced customer service. All customer service is US based. Our customers can reach us very fast and customer requests are usually fulfilled within 5 minutes.

“How can you offer such a good deal without a contract?” – We have a very high annual customer retention rate. Our products and services are of a high quality, our customers stay because they want to not because they are bound by contract.

Question #7

WhichVoIP: Can you pinpoint any decisions that SOUNDCURVE have made that have been “difference makers” and have significantly contributed to the company’s success?

Lou: This goes back to why Soundcurve started in the first place. Our account management model and customer service is top-notch and that is a huge difference maker for us and what we believe in.

Question #8

WhichVoIP: What do you see as the future of communication over IP and what do you think are the biggest threats and challenges to the VoIP industry in the longer term?

Lou: Telecom is always changing and evolving. Internet communication is in the long term future and we believe the need for a telephone on the desk with an associated number will not disappear any time soon. This does not mean that we will rest on this fact; we are continually looking to the future and at emerging communication innovations. Mobile is obviously a trend we are watching closely, along with WebRTC (Real Time Communication via web browsers) and other advanced real-time communication technologies.

Question #9

WhichVoIP: What is in the roadmap for SOUNDCURVE in 2015 and what changes, if any, should customers expect?

Lou: Customers should expect to continue to receive industry best customer service. We keep our roadmap close to our chest, but do expect innovations in this area along with improved mobility, usability and manageability.

Question #10

WhichVoIP: How do you predict SOUNDCURVE will be different in 3 to 5 years, and how do you see your influence on those changes?

Lou: In 3 to 5 years SoundCurve will be a more prominent name in the hosted PBX space. We are growing at over 300% annually since our founding in 2010 and I expect we will continue this growth and higher. We are not a giant phone carrier nor do we ever aim to be – SoundCurve will remain just as connected to our customers (if not more) while growing our portfolio of features and services.

Final Words

Check out the Soundcurve Reviews section for more information. You can also visit the Soundcurve website to request a free consultation.

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