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California VoIP Companies

California VoIP companies can help you with your telecom needs for both your home or your business. With so many providers located in California, it can be difficult to create a short list of phone companies the you are going to consider for your phone needs.

Here are some items that you should consider.

Is location important to you?

If you are located in California then you may or may not want to consider a phone company that is located in California for various reasons.

California VoIP for your Home

If you are seeking a residential service then there is limited value in seeking a company that is actually located in California as any VoIP provider located any in the nation should be able to provide a hosted service.

VoIP service for your California Business

If your business is located in California and you are considering moving to VoIP, then there can definitely be some benefits in using a provider located in California or even in your local city. Here are some benefits to consider:

  • Increased likely-hood of getting service provider on-site more often for face-to-face meetings.
  • If you need any support then it is probable that the response times will be faster if the provider is located in the state or somewhere nearby.
  • The provider will likely be more familiar with any regulations that are specific to California.

Despite these benefits, if you are looking for a hosted solution, there is going to be a reduced need for any on-site support if at all, so a any provider located anywhere in the Nation should be able to offer just as good a service as a VoIP company located in California.

What Features do you need?

This mainly applies to businesses as there are many different service offerings for businesses that contain many different features at many different price points. Some of the features that can often cost extra or not be supported at all are:


  • Call groups
  • Company Call Recording Services
  • Call Monitoring
  • Call Queuing
  • Conference Bridges
  • Virtual Mailboxes
  • Toll Free Numbers
  • Paging Group
  • Voicemail Transcription

List of California Phone Companies

We have collected the names of providers that located in California and offer phone service. If you see any that are missing from this list or any in the list that are no longer located in California, then please contact us and we will add or remove them.

Business Providers in California

  • 1Source VoIP
  • 8x8
  • ABS Internet
  • Accurate Telecom
  • Adler Networks
  • Advanced Micro Systems
  • AireSpring
  • American Broadband Services
  • ATEL Communications
  • BandTel
  • Broadcore
  • CalComm
  • Circuit ID
  • Compel
  • DataXTel
  • DigiLink
  • Eminent Communications
  • FastBlue
  • Fortel
  • Freevoice Telecom
  • Fusion Communications, Inc.
  • Intelecis
  • RingCentral
  • Santa Cruz Telecom
  • SimpleSignal
  • SIP West
  • Sterling Networks
  • SunStream Networks
  • TCAST Communications
  • TeleDynamic
  • TelePacific Communications
  • ThirdWave IT
  • Tierzero
  • Univoip
  • Unwired Broadband
  • Velocity Networks
  • Vintalk
  • Voice Carrier
  • VoIPFrog
  • Xtelesis
  • ZTelco

Residential Phone Companies in California

  • Ooma
  • Phone Power
  • TelTub
  • TinCanTalk
  • VOIPo
  • VoIPVoIP

California User Reviews

Please review our database of California provider reviews. Our entire list for business providers is located in our business reviews section.


California VoIP for Businesses

If you are seeking hosted VoIP for a business located in California, all of the following companies should be able to offer competitive service. Alternatively, select the green button below and request free customized quotes.

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California Phone Companies for your Home

Any of the popular phone companies listed in the table below can offer phone service in California.