Hosted PBX Phone System

This type of phone service is a commonly used VoIP service by small and medium sized businesses that typically require under 100 phone lines and need features that only a hosted PBX solution can provide. One reason that it is typically companies of this size that use this service, is that it becomes more cost effective to have an on-premise phone system when the number of phones being used exceeds 100. This service is called a hosted service because the actual hardware equipment (the PBX) that manages the phone system is located off-site at the phone service providers NOC (Network Operations Center).

Hosted VoIP PBX

The overall functionality provided by this type of service is very similar to the functionality of an on premise PBX phone system. The management for phone adds, moves or changes will still be performed via a management GUI that is easily accessed via a web browser. Having no PBX equipment onsite means no installation and no maintenance as this is all done by the hosted provider. This alone is a significant saving for a business as there is no initial up-front purchase cost for equipment and no administration costs as IT personnel are no longer required.

Benefits of a Hosted Phone System

Some of the advantages of moving your PBX functionality over to a hosted phone system are listed as follows:

Disadvantages of a Hosted Phone System

What about the disadvantages?

Connect with Providers Directly

Hosted PBX service has become very popular for businesses of all sizes. If you are not quite at the stage where you need customized price quotes (i.e. see our quote form at the top of this page), it is worthwhile taking some time to visit each providers website and see if it makes your shortlist. You can easily do this by clicking on the "more details" buttons in the table below. Here are a few reasons this approach is worthwhile:

Compare Top Providers Pricing and Reviews
Provider* $/mo Highlights FREE Setup Minutes** Reviews Details
  • Our Most Popular Provider
  • 40,000+ Companies Can't be Wrong
  • 40+ Built-in Features
  • In-house Customer and Tech Support
  • Reliability of the Vonage Cloud
YES Unlimited (4.5)
107 Reviews
  • IVR, Hosted Fax, Voicemail to Email
  • Easy Setup, US based support
  • Risk free, 30 day trial
YES Unlimited (4.6)
1 Reviews
  • World Class Service
  • Outstanding Reliability
  • Incredible Features
YES Unlimited (5)
6 Reviews
  • Free Phones with sign-up
  • No Contract, No Commitment
  • USA Based Customer Support
YES Unlimited (4.9)
19 Reviews
  • Amazing service
  • A top rated provider
  • #1 in customer satisfaction
YES Unlimited (4.5)
196 Reviews

** Most providers include an upper limit on minutes for their unlimited plans as part of a reasonable usage policy in their T&Cs.


Author: Mike Bragg

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